Business Services

Africa Capital works with growth-oriented middle-market African companies and entrepreneurs to track new B2B business models and outsourced solutions.

We offer our full array of entrepreneurial advisory and financing solutions to entrepreneurs, companies and private equity investors in the business services sector.

Business service companies typically have very little net asset value, and as a result, financing growth often requires external capital from lenders. We are interested in helping you navigate the unique opportunities and challenges in the business service sector.

Specific Sub-Sector Served by Us:

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services

- Finance & Accounting
- Call Centres

Facilities & Building Management

- Cleaning
- Laundry & Supplies
- Landscaping & Grounds
- Security & Surveillance
- Technical Services

Information Technology (IT) Services

- IT Outsourcing
- Managed Services
- Consulting & Implementation

Human Resource Outsourcing & Staffing

Electronic & Connectivity Solutions
We are more than happy to confidentially discuss your unique needs and encourage you to contact us.