Why Africa Capital

At Africa Capital, we offer innovative entrepreneurial solutions that serve the needs of various entrepreneurs, management teams, companies, private equity firms and governments.

We believe we offer a superior service:

Entrepreneurial Culture

In contrast to the industry norm, we have a very entrepreneurial, family-oriented culture where compassion & family values are important. We believe that staff, as the key part of any business, need to be valued.

Highly Innovative Financing Solutions

At Africa Capital we have a passion for coming up with innovative financing and security structures to market-leading entrepreneurs, companies and governments.

On our market-leading Commercial Real Estate Financing Solutions, we offer unique and creative solutions to your situation:

- Terms from three to 10 years, depending on the loan.
- Stretch LTVs up to 80 percent.
- Fixed, floating and hybrid structure rates.
- Various speciality funding facilities.

Middle-Market Focus

At Africa Capital we only focus on the African middle-market.

Serving our clients with industry-specific, innovative entrepreneurial advisory, investment & financing solutions. We aren’t distracted by having to sell a variety of products and so we can offer the most competitive terms available in the market.

Better Than a Bank

We aren’t constrained by regulatory pressure and we don’t indirectly increase your borrowing costs through onerous Basel balance sheet requirements.

We believe we are better than banks because:

- Our unique entrepreneurial, family-based culture ensure we can act with speed & flexibility.
- Our size gives us control.
- We don’t have legal lending limits or geographic constraints.
- Innovative financing solutions that banks simply can’t offer.

We Invest our Own Capital

We are funded using our team's own capital. We believe this is the best approach for investing in companies because that way we don't have a limited investment horizon and we prefer to keep remain invested in good companies.